Monday, November 28, 2005

Stock Spam

I checked my spam box today, and decided to read one my latest spam emails. This one was promoting Remington Ventures - A random OTC stock some guy in a "boiler room" type operation is probably getting rich on. I noticed it was up 116%+ today. Stock hype is nothing new: being able to pump a stock on pure PR and hype is an old trick, but the internet takes it to the next level. I really wish law enforcement would crush these spammers! Above is what was in the email.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your right mate. I'm here in the US on holiday - but checked my Australian email and got one of these. What really ticks me off is that the money websites (CNN, Etrade, etc) do not carry any warnings on these stocks when you do a quote for news, etc. I just did a Google and found several reports about RMVN that clearly show it is a scam. Hope nobody buys this crap.

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