Monday, January 23, 2006

Parking Lot Con-Artists

What’s up with me getting hassled in parking lots by con-artists? These aren’t your usual people asking for spare change, I’m talking about con-artists! The Costco I usually go to is famous for them (famous to me at least). One of the (obvious) cons is: someone approaches you in the parking lot with an empty gas can and asks you for $5 so they can fill-up their gas can to get home. I’ve gotten that one at least twice at the same Costco. Last Friday, on the way home from work, I went the that Costco and right when I step out of my car this lady rushes over to me with a stroller and rattles off her plea for money, explaining she has two kids and needs to feed them etc… The way she carried herself and explained her situation was so insincere it was obviously a con. Then, on Saturday, I was in an Expo parking lot and right as I get back to my car a lady stops her car behind me and asks for help. I thought she need directions or a flat-fixed or something, so I listened to her. She rattled off a story about how she got kicked out of her apartment and had to borrow a car from a friend to drive around and ask for money. Again, her story sounded so scripted and insincere it was probably a con. These people seem to frequent parking lots of stores with nice stuff (Expo), or stores that people often carry a lot of cash to (Costco). My point is: you never know who is a con and who isn’t… so if you really want to help people give your money to a reputable charity who can make sure your money is getting to the right place.


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